More Protein, Less Hunger: A Macro Recipe for Fat Loss

a recipe for fat loss - macro breakdown

Lately I’ve been plowing through nutrition text books in preparation for my Nutritional Coaching exams, and although I cannot wait to have this work behind me, I have to say that what I’ve learned is so fascinating in terms of fat loss and weight management.

Here’s the cool thing – when you eat, your body processes the macronutrients (proteins, carbs and fats) in your food very differently. First, it goes for starchy carbs because they’re easy to process and turn into sugar (yup, that’s what it ends up as!). Protein and fats take way more energy to digest, which is why they keep you fuller, longer.

One of the key takeaways I’ve gleamed from my training with Precision Nutrition is that protein is the key to your long lasting satiety and without adequate amounts, not only will you be “hangry” all the time, you’ll also be more flabby. For the other awesome thing protein does, is support lean muscle mass. No, I’m not talking Incredible Hulk style arms, I’m talking lean, toned muscles that make you look like you just fell out of a Lululemon advertisement. That’s what we’re looking for right?


Protein is king. That’s your new mantra.

But that’s not to say fats and carbs don’t play a role in your new Lulu-inspired physique. Healthy fats add to satiety, keep your hair and skin looking fab and balance hormones (this one is key, ladies). By having just enough fat in your diet, you’re going to keep that feeling of “I’m still not hungry” going strong for hours after your meal. It’s also going to make whatever you’re eating taste freaking awesome.

Carbs are the tricky diva that you need to careful with. Not all carbs are created equal (same for fats and proteins). Highly processed, starchy carbs or “cheap carbs” are the fast digesting, sugar forming calories that you just don’t need or want. These are the wheat or grain based carbs (I include oats in here) that have little nutritional value except wanting to express themselves on your hips for eternity.

So what’s the best kind of carb?

Well, let’s start with the obvious which are non-starchy veggies. Seriously, you cannot get enough of these kind of amazing fibrous carbs in the form of green leafy or cruciferous veggies. But you already knew that, right? The other kind of carbs that will also give you sustained energy without the insulin spike are called resistant starches. These are the carbs that don’t easily covert to sugar in the liver due to their molecular make up. Instead they pass through your digestive system, feeding healthy gut bacteria along the way before reappearing as poop. More poop, less body fat. Awesome!

So when we put all this together we’ve got a recipe for non-crazy making healthy eating that’s balanced, delicious and energy enhancing (rather than nap inducing).

So here’s the formula:

Clean protein + healthy fat + smart carbs = amazing food, lean body, wicked health.

Try to get one-third of your total calories from each of these to start and see how you feel.  Keep in mind that veggies are very low in calories, so they will make up the majority of your plate in volume while only taking up a 1/3 of your total calories!

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