A Sweet Gesture – 10% Off Protein Pancakes for Valentines Day

gluten free protein pancakes

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I have to admit, even as a happily married gal, I don’t put much stock in this tradition. But on the other hand, when is celebrating love a bad thing? Whether it’s the love of your partner, your dogs (my babies got extra kisses this morning) or just a solo celebration of self-love and appreciation, it can only be a good thing, right?

Rather than trinkets or corny Hallmark expressions, my hubby and I celebrate the day with a couple of extra “I love you’s” and of course….FOOD!

heart shaped protein pancakes

We rarely venture out for dinner on the 14th as restaurants are typically packed and serving limited menu options. Instead we opt for a duel effort on making a special dinner, picnic style in the living room and of course, a heart-inspired breakfast of gluten free protein pancakes (obvi).

I will admit that I did buy myself a little Valentines Day gift this year. I’m obsessed with Super Love Tees after finding them on Instagram. I just received my first order last week, then a coupon code for 15% off ended up in my inbox a few days ago, so I had to order more. They’re hand-printed and super soft. Plus I just adore the whole idea of wearing love-soaked inspiration on my clothes. It just feels good.

So regardless of how you’re planning to spend your day, I hope you’re spreading a little extra love in the world. And to do my part, I’m offering 10% off all ProCakes orders today, so if you’ve been looking for a little fit foodie indulgence, here’s your chance. Just use the code HEARTPROCAKES at check out. As always, the shipping is on me.

Love you guys!


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