ProCakes Protein Waffles!

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If there’s one thing I want to make extra specially clear to my awesome customers and fans it’s that all the benefits of ProCakes, (ie muscle-friendly hunger crusher in the yummiest possible way) does not have to come in the form of a pancake if you don’t want it to!

ProCakes is a really versatile mix that can be a muffin or a birthday cake. The mix of nutrient-rich flours has been specially formulated to stand up to a number of applications, so you’re really limited only by your own imagination.

Last week I had waffles and I had no idea how awesome ProCakes could be in this format. They’re crispier than pancakes. Almost like a deep fried donut-like texture, only without the risk of having a coronary (sorry Krispy Kreme, we’re kinda over you).

To make waffles, all you need is the waffle maker (I got mine off Amazon for less then $30 and some ProCake mix. The directions are the same as it is for pancakes.

A really cool and healthy treat to start the day!


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