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Habit 2 - Avoid Sugar Like it's Your Ex on a Bad Hair Day - ProCakes

Habit 2 – Avoid Sugar Like it’s Your Ex on a Bad Hair Day


We’re moving on with our 2nd habit in our 7 part series! Hope you enjoyed the first one 🙂

Actually, this habit runs really deep, so it’s a big one to concur. Sugar is in most prepared foods so it will take a while to get the hang of it, but it’s totally doable. Start by reading labels. You’ll be surprised to see how many things contain some form of sugar or artificial sweetener.

And to be clear, whether you like it or not, raw, unprocessed, cultivated from Buddhist honey bees, and/or anything that comes in a pink, blue or yellow sachet is still sugar. It goes in the mouth and becomes glucose, which spikes insulin. To much glucose becomes too much insulin which becomes too much fat. End of story.

What you CAN do is start using Stevia or sugar alcohols like Xylitol or Erythritol. These are natural sweeteners that are not like the ones above because they are processed very slowly in the liver resulting in little to no insulin spikes. You can buy it at most health stores, Whole Foods or even on Amazon.com. Get a box of the small sachets so you can carry some around in your purse when you head to Starbucks.

This is a great starting point. As you get used to these new sources of sweet, play with baking your own treats with them. That’s how I sweeten ProCakes and they are truly outstanding without any further sweetener (hello maple syrup, I’m talking to you!).

Want to learn more? Here’s some further info on sugar alcohols and their benefits over regular sugar.

PS – Xylitol is not dog friendly, so don’t be feeding your sweets to Fido!

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