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Chocolate Almond Protein Pancakes - ProCakes

Chocolate Almond Protein Pancakes

Gluten free chocolate protein pancakes from procakes.com

Okay, I made these on the same morning that I made the pumpkin protein pancakes. I like to batch big cooking episodes together so that I’m maximizing the productivity of the giant mess I’m inevitably making.

So I made two big batches of pancakes and set to work getting my photo’s in before my head taste tester got to work on grading their flavor and texture. My dogs also participate by getting in the way, and giving me suck face because they’re not allowed to have ProCakes (the natural sweetener in the mix is toxic to dogs as well as the cocoa powder). So ironically, my little Coco the pug was denied her share of Cocoa the pancake. Tough life for this little squirt.

pug chocolate protein pancake gluten free

But lucky for the hubby who got to power back all these yummy protein pancakes once we were done with all the necessary shots.

This recipe is really easy. Just follow the instructions for the mix, but also add 1.5 tablespoons of cocoa powder (I use the stuff from Trader Joe’s) and a tablespoon of slivered almonds. You could also just use a tablespoon of almond butter if you wanted to instead of the chopped nuts.

They still cook up nice and fluffy and I have to say, they’re pretty freaking awesome when paired with Walden’s Farms Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup. OMG, it’s good!

Gluten free chocolate protein pancakes

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