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Our top 7 health and fitness podcasts

Our Top 7 Health + Fitness Podcasts of 2014

top 7 fitness and health podcasts of 2014If you you’re not listening to podcasts yet, you’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity to entertain and improve yourself while you’re moving throughout your day. Rarely do I ever leave the house without at lease a few podcast shows downloaded to my phone. It’s taken my dog walking experience to a whole new level of enjoyment 🙂

Primarily I listen to business and wellness oriented shows, but you can literally find topics on everything from fashion to frugality.

Here’s a list of my go-to shows in the realm of health and fitness. I find these incredibly inspiring, educational and useful. I bet you will too.

Primal Blueprint Podcast – If you’re a fan of Mark’s Daily Apple, you’re going to appreciate the podcast even more, which includes the narration of some of Mark’s most popular articles.
Fat Burning Man – Great info on fat loss, food and living well.
Ben Greenfield Fitness – Ben has great content on fitness, physical performance and general health. He also has a really sexy voice.
Bullet Proof Radio – The host can be a little offputting to some, but his guests tend to be very informative
Body Ecology Living – This is a pretty new cast, so there aren’t many shows yet, but the few I’ve listened to have been really helpful.
The Get Fit Guy – This is a quick and dirty guide to fitness with short, actionable podcasts on different aspects of fitness and health. It’s also hosted by Ben Greenfield (the guy with the sexy voice).
The Rich Roll Podcast – you don’t have to be a plant-based eater to fall in love with this guy. His life story is amazing, he’s so incredible charming and if you’re into long form, dig deep conversations about health, wellness and living well, Rich is someone you’re going to want to check out.

Now, personally I have a habit of switching up my podcasts every so often and explore new shows and topics, but this short list always stays on my radar.

Do you have some favorite health and fitness podcasts you could add to this list? I’m always looking for new shows.

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