March Featured Athlete & Wellness Entreprenuer – Julie Tadeson

Meet our featured athlete for March, Julie Tadeson.  She’s a busy mom of two, running several businesses including Jules Baskets and Jules Wellness.  Read how she keeps up with a full life and a fit body and go check out her amazing wellness-inspired goodies that you can order online!

fitpreneur & featured althlete julie tadeson

You’re a pretty accomplished fitness professional.  Tell us how you got into the industry.  Where you always into health and fitness?

I haven’t always been into health and fitness. I was a short distance runner (sprinter) in my early adolescence, but set that aside to be a teenager (totally regret that.. and surprisingly I’m still really fast!)

Tell us how you stay in such great shape, especially while juggling a young family and a new business? 

It wasn’t until after the birth of my first daughter, 6 years ago that I started on my heath and fitness journey. It’s been a journey for sure. I have tried all types of fitness programs and diets. I wanted to compete at one point but quickly realized that it wasn’t something that I wanted to get caught up in. I love health and fitness as a lifestyle and hobby and as much as I love it, I also love balance. My focus has gone from fitness to wellness. You can be fit, but be very unwell. I feel like many people forget about their health when they are on their quest for physical fitness.

It’s not easy as I wasn’t born with this body, and I’ve worked hard at it for 6 short years. I eat healthy and pay attention to my macros. I don’t count calories or macros, but I am conscious of what I am eating and how much. For example, If I have wine with dinner, I don’t have a starchy carb. I tend to stick to vegetables and proteins. I train 4-6 days a week at the moment. Depends on what pressures I have that week. I actually launched 2 businesses this year and have an existing business that is turning 7 years old. It’s been really hard this year to prioritize my fitness but when I do get to workout I either lift heavy or do some sort of functional training.

We want to hear all about Jules Baskets. How did you get started curating healthy food packages? They look yummy.

Everyone in my life knew I was in the health and fitness industry and was conscious of what I ate, yet at Christmas time I would receive a bunch of gift baskets. Every single one was pretty bad. I would feel bad re-gifting them, but equally as bad throwing them out. Not a big fan of waste! I was going through a rough patch in early 2014 and was also enrolled in an entrepreneurial program. Through that program I learned that although I knew I wanted to help people eat better, I didn’t want do meal plans. I was in the car after a meeting with my spiritual coach and the health-conscious gift basket business popped into my head. Of course, I went full steam with it. I’m either all or nothing!

All items in the baskets must meet the criteria I have. All must be gluten-free and health-conscious. Hand-made, local, organic, and allergen friendly are all bonuses. Most products meet all or most of those. I also wanted the baskets to be bright and cheery. I use a white market tray and a bright green bow. Our baskets aren’t just food either. We have great lifestyle products in our baskets as well. We do everything from wellness to spa, to new baby and get well soon to foodie and sweets. All items must look nice too and no health-washing allowed!

Many who have received the baskets have contacted us to purchase the items individually, and many who have seen the baskets on our social media have shown interest in purchasing the products for themselves. This is how Jule’s Wellness Online Boutique was born. All products found in our baskets can be bought online at We have a great workspace in Toronto that we run our businesses from and we rent out the space to Wellness professionals in the Toronto area.

You recently posted a video from Robin Sharma about waking up early.  Is that something you do?  Share your morning routine with us!

I love waking up early!! I am so productive on days when I’m up early. I jump out of bed, make my warm lemon water with cayenne as well as a coffee. Then go to my home office and check emails and get my day organized. Then I will go to one of my fitness classes. By the time my kids are off to school, I have organized my day and worked out!

What kind of workouts are you loving right now?  Weights?  Cardio?  Body weight?  Tell us how you’re staying in such great shape.

I love lifting heavy and functional training with my body weight. The only cardio I do is sprints or HIIT type training. I do use a few machines for cardio but only in my classes – treadmill, rower, versa climber and skier. I train heavy about 2x a week doing compound movements. Then do a few classes where we will focus on full body with our body weight. I like to train with friends and I love going to classes. At this point in my life, I would much rather go to an hour class and have fun and be challenged than go to the gym and lift weights alone. I used to plan my own workouts for the weight room, but I’m loving the camaraderie and energy in the classes.

Any tips for staying fit through the winter?  I recall how hard it was to get myself to the gym in the dead of winter when I lived in Toronto (burrr).

Wake up early and go! Don’t sleep in because you will feel sluggish and lazy. Do some classes at a boutique-style gym. Less mundane and more motivating!

Paleo – yay or nay?

I don’t like labels… too restrictive. I am mostly paleo, but try not to live by any rules. For the most part, I don’t eat any starchy carbs during the day. My diet also depends on what my goals are at the moment. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break mentally and physically and just be. No rules, no restrictions, just living consciously.

One last question – tell us your biggest fitness or food related obsession that you’re including in your baskets right now?

Neither are fitness related… They are food and lifestyle products! I have raw, artisan chocolate in a lot of the baskets…. but also like adding in organic body products – like lotions, scrubs and cream deodorants!

Thanks so much for your insights and advice Julie!  

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