Last minute online gift ideas for the fit obsessed

There’s little time left to get your Christmas gift list in order, especially if you’re an online shopper (hello, that’s me). Personally, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to brave the malls this time of year, when you can shop to your heart’s content at work, then have the nice UPS man bring it all to your door. It’s pretty sweet.

But if you’re stumped on what to buy, that’s an entirely different issue.

Have no fear though, we’ve got you covered…. at least for the fit-obsessed folks in your life, or even better, for those who profess to want to get fit, but lack the spark of inspiration.

The Fitness Wish List


  • SW Basics has the best skin care and an all round irresistible brand.  We love their face cream in particular as it’s great for dry, winter weather.
  • Nikki’s Coconut Butter is probably the closest thing to spreadable heaven packed in a paleo-friendly, tasty format.  It’s all whole foods here – no junk.  Just the good stuff.
  • ProCakes is peeeerrrrfect for the fit foodie on your list, or even the non-fit folks who are doing their best to eat better, but still want to have their comfort foods, too.  Packed with 20G of protein per serving and no added sugars, it makes a unique and super cute  gift.  Our single serving pouches are also great for stocking stuffers!
  • Super cute pink tights – sadly this exact pair is no longer selling, but Prana is my new fav place to buy fun leggings.
  • The 6-pack pink cooler is for the hardcore fitness nerds who might even be training to compete in a competition soon.  They’ll LOVE this compartmentalized cooler.  It’s totally rad.  Plus it’s pink which makes it even more rad.
  • TRX is something I’ve been drooling over for a while.  It’s a great tool for the uber busy who don’t have time for the gym.
  • Fit Bit – this measures your steps and your sleep.  It’s perfect for the fit/techie nerd on your list.
  • Kettle Bells – they’re awesome and one or two in the 12 to 25kg range makes a great accompaniment to a home gym!
  • Fitbook – We think this is a brilliant idea for someone who needs accountability and organization in order to reach their goals.

Hope this helps with your last minute shopping!  Remember, ProCakes is offering FREE SHIPPING on all our products, now through Dec 19th!  Yeah!


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